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Make your own Stitchable Paper for Cross Stitch

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Turn ordinary paper into an adorable cross stitching craft!

Let’s make a stitched card- a little owl card that is stitched onto a medium-weight card stock.

Choose some plain card that’s not too thick, then follow our step-by-step guide to making it stitchable:

Step one: Begin with a scrap of aida  – use 11 count for as close a fit to our original template as possible. Using your chart and a sharp pencil, draw crosses over each block to be stitched.

Step two: Using masking tape, attach the aida scrap onto your card. Place a few layers of felt or think fabric underneath (I used a clean, folded-up towel). Using a large needle with a sharp point, punch through only the holes to be stitched.

Step three: Remove the masking tape and aida swatch to reveal your design. You’ll notice that on the front side the perforations are smooth while on the back they’re rough and raised. Be sure to cross stitch on the smooth side.

Step four: Stitch your design using a smaller needle than the one you used to punch the holes. Place your finished stitching under a heavy book to flatten if necessary.



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