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What are people stitching up these days?

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I’m always curious and wildly overjoyed to see what people do with my patterns. Maybe it’s geeky of me – but this afternoon I googled “Tiny Modernist”, and found so many images of beautiful stitching! These are some of the wonderful creations made by other people, using Tiny Modernist CS patterns:

1 – This Autumn TMCS freebie was stitched up by Creative Thread. It looks soooo cute! I love it 🙂

2- This one is the Tiny Modernist Anchor stitched by The Stranded Stitch. It’s so simple, clean, and lovely! Amazing work!

3 – This is definitely an interesting one – the majority of the stitching is from a freebie by Brooke Nolan, but Jutta from Fabric and Needle blog, added the spools and scissors from my free Sewing Room pattern in the bottom left-hand corner of her stitching. Looks so cute! And major points for creativity!

4 – Last but not least, here is the Tiny Modernist Vintage Typewriter, sent in by a reader on the DMC Portugal blog. I love it framed in a hoop like that!

Do you have a Tiny Modernist creation that you’d like to share? I would loooove to see it! Please email me at cheryl@tinymodernist.com

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One thought on “What are people stitching up these days?

  1. Hey Cheryl,
    Wanted to let you know that I have stitched one of your freebies- the Autumn pattern. Thank you for the free pattern.

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