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Here are all of our FREE PATTERNS in one place! Just scroll down the page, and if you like something- RIGHT CLICK on the pattern image, and SAVE AS.

These are all original pieces designed by me, so please use them with respect and just for your own personal stitching pleasure!

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Cheryl @ Tiny Modernist

Questions? Email me cheryl@tinymodernist.com

Mother's Day Kit-2 Mother's Day Kit-2 Poppy-2 Mother's Day Kit-2

Mother's Day Kit-2 Mother's Day Kit-2

Mother's Day Kit-2 Mother's Day Kit-2

Apple Pattern Mother's Day Kit-2

Mother's Day Kit-2

Cuckoo Kit-2 Cuckoo Kit-2Cuckoo Kit-2 Mother's Day Kit-2 Mother's Day Kit-2 Pink Sun Pattern Tulips Pattern3 Robots pattern

Stained Glass PatternRussian Pattern Retro Guitar Pattern


75 thoughts on “FREE Cross Stitch Patterns

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  2. Thank you for sharing the beautiful “Sewingroom”

  3. Thank you for sharing! I love them all!

  4. thank you thank you thank you

  5. Thank you so much

  6. Love your work! Thank you for all the freebies!

  7. Thanks for your Cross stitch Designs.
    Your generosity is appreciated,
    Happy Easter.

  8. Thanks for all the great counted cross stitches.

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  10. Love your work, Thank you for sharing

  11. Thank you. They’re all very nice.

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  13. So many cute cross stitch patterns. THANK YOU so much for including Anchor thread colors, its the only thing I can get here.

  14. Thank you Thank you!!

  15. I love them. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Thx!! These are prescious! Sure appreciate you sharing your creativity!

  17. i love your free patterns I love to cross-stich thank you so much

  18. I like all your work thank you for sharing lamia

  19. lovely patterns…thank you!

  20. Thank you for sharing your beautiful patterns with us!

  21. Thank you so much!! love.

  22. Thanks for the cross stitch designs….especially the one for the sewing room!

  23. They are lovely, there are many I want to stitch. Thanks!

  24. merci pour tous ces beaux modèles, je les aime beaucoup.

  25. Many thanks for these lovely patterns – love the sewing room

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  27. I am a huge fan of cross stitch. As I go through chemotherapy I truly appreciate the free patterns to keep me otherwise occupied and inspired during my battle. I don ‘t have a printer so I access the pattern and work from the screen. Small price to pay for fun and quality work. Thank You so much.

  28. You’re a sweetie to share your beautiful designs – thank you.

  29. thank you so much for the wonderful designs…i love it…

  30. Thank you for the free charts.


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  33. thanks so much for sharing all these charts.

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  35. I’ve always loved your stuff! Your designs are so unique and colorful 😀

  36. Les grilles sont magnifiques. Je craque. Merci beaucoup. Bisous de mon Alsace.

  37. super et merci pour ces diagrammes. Cath

  38. I love your site! Thank you for sharing this patterns. Bless you!

  39. Thank you so much for these. I especially love the autumn one and it has been added to my endless To Do list 🙂

  40. Thankyou for the tip on the DMC booklet, my brother has been recently divorced and his home is barren, when I asked him what colours he liked he said orange and blue so I will use the book to make him some cushions to brighten the house. Thank you again

  41. thanks for your free pattern. all of them so pretty

  42. Thank you so much!!

  43. Thank you for sharing! i love it.

  44. Hai I like this forum . I like to learn cross stitch pattens.i need teddy bear graph please help me thankyou

  45. Thank you for these all lovely patterns. They inspires me a lot.

  46. They are all so adorable!!!! You had me hooked at the little sewing room.

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  49. These are just what I am looking for small cute and quick.

  50. Thank you for the freebie patterns!

  51. Thank you so very much I really do appreciate it they are wonderful.

  52. Thank you for all the freebies. It is so kind of you.

  53. Thank you for the beautiful patterns!

  54. I really enjoyed looking at all your bright designs.They will encourage people to start cross stitching,thank you.

  55. Thank you so much for the patterns!

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  57. Your designs are wonderful. Fun! Happy! and quick 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing with us. Headed over to check out your shop now. I especially like the quality of your charts. Clear and easy to read. Definitely a plus.

  58. thank you ..it s great&best
    Sunflower bouquet (Get Your Free Cross Stitch Starter Guide)

  59. Lovely patterns! I have a x stitch design printed and the holes for the thread are really large. I usually use 2 threads but considering this design it requires more than two threads. This is a problem seeing that I don’t know what tapestry needle would be the correct one to use. I have a size 22 but it isn’t working with the six pieces of thread. Please advise. Thank you. Two threads are too thin to fill in the holes of the design.

  60. Thank you very much for sharing the patterns..
    Nice to meet you, I love cross stitch too… 🙂

  61. many thanks for all these beautiful freebies !

  62. Thank you for your time and patience putting this site together. They are adorable.

  63. Thank you so much. Beautiful patterns, and I know that it takes a lot of time to post these on the site. God bless you.

  64. Hello!
    Thank you for your autumn design. I’ve stitched it and did small pillow)

  65. I just started your Russian doll pattern. Thanks so much. It’s adorable.

  66. Do you have all four seasons? I LOVE your symmetrical autumn with the squirrels.

  67. Such beautiful designs, thank you for sharing your talent.

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  69. I brave been searching for small patterns to make presents for the patients in a children hospital. These are perfect

  70. Beautiful patterns! Thanks for sharing

  71. Thank you so much! 😘

  72. I adore cross stitching. Free patterns are such a gift to all of us stitchers. The time & energy show the dedication you have. Thank you so very much. mjl

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