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Free Cross Stitch Pattern- Cute Panda




Hello everyone!

Here’s this week’s freebie- a cute panda with some bamboo.

As always, please use this pattern for your own personal stitching only. You can give this pattern as a gift or or finished piece as a gift, but no commercial use please.

Thank you for supporting handmade 🙂


Cheryl @ Tiny Modernist

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Mother's Day Kit-2




Free Easter Cross Stitch Pattern

It’s bunny time again! Here is a sweet little Easter pattern FREE to download!

Just RIGHT CLICK on the image, and SAVE AS to save it onto your desktop. It will open in Adobe reader.

Easter Bunny Cross Stitch Pattern


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New Freebie Cross Stitch Pattern- Retro Globe

I’m not sure what inspired this exactly- I’ve been thinking about vintage luggage and retro airline logos. This one reminds me of something out of the 60s. Anyway, enjoy it! It’s an easy, colorful one to stitch up!

You can get the full pattern here!

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FREE Cross Stitch Pattern- Baby Girl Name with Flowers

Hello everyone! I was feeling creative and happy today, so here is a fun, modern one for a new baby -or not so new; my youngest daughter is 2yrs old as you can see by the inscription, but I can still mark the occasion 🙂

Click here to get this freebie! I just designed it today- so you won’t find it anywhere else, and you might be the first one to stitch it up! How exciting!

Get a free custom alphabet with numbers here so that you can customize your pattern!


Cheryl @ Tiny Modernist

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DIY Cross Stitch Supply Kit

If you are looking to put together a portable kit to carry your work-in-progress, here’s what you should have in it:

1. Use a zip-lock baggie or small make-up kit as your bag.

2. All the thread colors from the pattern you are working on, plus white and black thread (you always seem to need them). I wind my threads around the little plastic (or cardboard) thread holders you can buy at craft shops. It’s much easier to unwind lengths of thread than from the skeins they come in from the store.

3. Little scissors, or snips. The sharper the better. My kids once ran off with my snips so I tried using a pair of kiddie safety scissors. They just mangled the thread, and made it very difficult to thread the needle. So invest in a nice pair of small sharp scissors, and you won’t regret it!

4. An extra needle, tucked into the white or black thread. Some people use embroidery needles, which are short with a dull tip, but I like using sewing needles that are a little longer, thin, and sharp. They pierce the cloth better, and being skinny they fit between threads nicely. But try a few out to see what you prefer.

5. The pattern & Aida Cloth. Seems like a no-brainer, so I won’t go into much detail. I will say that I recently bought a 10 yard bolt of 14-count aida cloth, and just cut pieces off as I need them. So much easier than buying small pieces for every project. And it’s quite stiff, so I don’t need to use a hoop- which tends to leave permanent circular marks on the aida cloth. I can hold it flat, or roll one side slightly to stitch in the middle.

With this kit, you should be ready to x-stitch anywhere…even if it’s just in your living room 🙂


Free Sun Cross Stitch Pattern

To celebrate our brand new website, we’re offering a FREE Retro Sun cross stitch pattern. Original to Tiny Modernist- it’s hand drawn and stitched up to make sure it works perfectly.

Click here to download it for FREE!

Plus, head over to our website and choose from over 50 original patterns available only through Tiny Modernist.